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PrepToAchieve periodically updates their list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that enable our clients to find accessible answers to questions they ask themselves. It also aims to clarify some of the points that may not be obvious to some of our website visitors or service offering seekers.

We highly recommend that you read our FAQs. Yet, we are happy to hear from you at all times.

Q: I have very little time to prepare. Would you still help me?

    A: The short answer is yes. However, it would strongly depend on the availability of our contributors. We advise that you get in touch the earliest possible. We will do our best to accommodate your needs in the best possible way.

    Q: How can you help through digital platforms?

      A: We offer several digital ways to help that are mutually convenient between you and the contributors as long as those are available to both, they will not cost you, they are accessible, they will not cause technical hurdles, and they will maximize the value of our services.

      Some of our services can be offered via e-mail. However, we oftentimes rely on calls, conference calls, video calls, screen sharing techniques, or VOIP such as Skype or equivalent.

      Q: What if I need to modify my scheduled session?

        A: You can re-schedule or modify you scheduled session by contacting us at However, you can only do so 24 hours or earlier than your session.

         Q: Would you be interested in me if I am applying for a non-consulting job?

          A: Yes we would our network of experts includes non-consultants as well as ex-consultants who currently hold senior positions outside consulting. If you would like to understand further, kindly e-mail us separately on

          Q: Would you be interested in me if I am applying for a specialized consulting job e.g. HR consulting?

            A: We have a wide network of experts who would be best suited to help. If you would like to understand further kindly contact us.

            Q: Do you offer services for people based in remote countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Canada or the United States of America?

              A: Yes, we do. Our services are offered virtually. We are interested in supporting people based everywhere!

              Q: Do you offer services for people who speak languages other than English, Arabic, or French?

                A: We might! Kindly e-mail us separately on These exceptions would be considered on a case by case basis by our founders and depending on the availability of required skill-set.

                Q: Who will I be dealing with at PrepToAchieve?

                  A: You will be directed to the most suitable expert depending on the service you have requested or on your needs. While our approach is personalized, we also try to match our availability (date, time and time zone, etc.) to yours, and the technologies that are mutually convenient. Please rest assured that we will do all we can in order to make you realize your career objectives, unleash your potential, and get the best of your investment with PrepToAchieve.

                  Q: How are the sessions scheduled, what do they include, and how long do they last?

                    A: Sessions are scheduled and organized based on the selected service offering. Once you purchase the service offering and it is personalized to your needs and profile, you will receive a detailed email about the sessions’ content, duration, etc.

                    Q: How many iterations are there in every service?

                      A: See question above.

                      Q: Do you have a discount policy?

                        A: Yes we do. It depends on the services you wish to purchase. Please keep checking our website for upcoming offers.

                        Q: Do you have industry experts?

                          A: Yes we do. We would be delighted to speak to you in order to inquire further about your needs and your profile. This would also depend on the availability of our experts and how they can add value to your career. For further details, please do not hesitate to contact us.

                          Q: How are you different from other similar companies?

                            A: We pride ourselves with four top competitive advantages that differentiate us from other similar companies to PrepToAchieve. Those are:

                            • Previous interviewers at top consulting companies
                            • Blend of former and current consultants from top consulting companies 
                            • Graduates from top worldwide business schools
                            • Use of successfully proven and blended accelerators to succeed throughout the Consulting journey
                            • Multi-lingual (English, French, and Arabic)
                            • Wide consulting network
                            • Support in career transition, counseling, and design
                            • Finally, we successfully went through exactly the same journey and have helped many others do it
                            Q: How would employers perceive that I sought professional help?

                              A: This is generally perceived positively and part of your preparation to standout. Employers understand that seeking insights, preparing oneself, speaking to people who have been there (successfully!), etc. is a critical part of success and of being ready to take on a challenging and demanding recruitment and selection process.

                              While one can rely on him/herself or on friends, seeking experts’ advice provides you with

                              • Reliability
                              • Seriousness
                              • Discipline
                              • Time saving

                              It would also be a potential door opener for other advantages that you could take further yourself e.g. references or recommendations, other professional opportunities, etc.