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What do consultants read?

What do #consultants read?

People who do not know much about the profession of management consulting believe that it just entails giving advice. Well, it is not. Back in 1982, the Harvard Business Review published an article indeed with the exact title “Consulting Is More Than Giving Advice”. Since then, it started focusing on the importance of problem solving. Yet, it takes years of practice in order to build solid ability to problem solving and be ready to do so in every context.

While a lot is taught through education and experience, plenty of insights and secrets are found in books. Not articles. Books. Well, whether those are e-books, audio-books, or hard-cover books, they would still count as books (not for everyone but oh well!).

Most successful management consultants find time to read. In some other posts, we would explore what the benefits for readings are whether those are professional or personal. For now, we will focus on what they read.