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The MBA: A critical decision in your career planning journey

In this post, we discuss top reflections about the MBA decision. These reflections are the essence of the experience of our experts who have been there quite successfully. We divided our reflections into four different stages throughout a typical management consulting journey.

When we became Consultants

At this level in our career, we thought similarly to many peers in management consulting that it is about time to think about how to up our game. We also had in our mind what key competencies we needed in order to step into the world of management. 

When we scored high on our GMAT

We back then scored high on our GMAT (typically above the 90th percentile) targeting requirements of selected Business Schools. However this step was a critical one as it was a step that demonstrated our readiness and, our competitive edge against other applicants across the world.

When we got the sponsorship

At this same level, top notch management consulting firms select highest achievers and best performing management consultants to a sponsorship program. They offer them the opportunity to pay for their MBA should they secure acceptance under specific conditions (e.g. claw back, return to work, etc.).

When we got accepted in one or more Business School (s)

After going through several steps in Business School application process comprising essays and interviews, we got accepted; often times in one or more Business School (s). Anxiety increased, pride and excitement as well. Nevertheless, some of us did not necessarily get accepted in their target Business School. Yet they got accepted in very good Business Schools.

Going to a Business School for an MBA made most of us come back to our employer (management consulting companies) at one level higher (Associate Manager, or equivalent) equipped with plenty of knowledge but most importantly with a wide network, international experience, and empowered leadership, communications, and business skills.

What value does an MBA add to your career? What if your employer does not sponsor you? What if you get accepted but not in your target Business School? What if you prefer doing a Master’s degree or a PhD or no further degree at all? What if you found a job in industry that is more appealing than the MBA and, a career in management consulting in the longer run? Some of us have also been there.

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