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"Before anything else, preparation is the key to success" A.G Bell

Management Consulting: A Realistic Perspective

Management consulting is a rewarding career, both at the professional and the personal levels, with its high salaries and attractive perks, accelerated career growth, exposure to the corporate world's most interesting challenges, access to the most senior industry leaders, and lavish lifestyle. Many books and articles highlight these various aspects, yet only a few offer a truly detailed perspective into the real journey to a successful consulting career and the daily life of a consultant. In what follows, we will shed the light on some of the key aspects that are not necessarily known about consulting read more ...

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I began my journey with PrepToAcheive with a clear objective in mind; landing a fulltime position with a top-tier consulting firm. After defining these goals with Hadi and Joana, we devised a holistic plan that would put me in a position to approach any interview/case with ease and comfort. Their approach was thorough, structured, and unique to say the least. Also, their hands-on experience in consulting was displayed through the vast business acumen along with the significant advice they passed on to me. What impressed me the most is their commitment to deliver results and materialize on the efforts invested (e.g. staying in extra hours, instantly replying to late questions and concerns…). Fortunately, I was extended an offer from a reputable management-consulting firm that is in sync with my career aspirations, and I credit Hadi and Joana for being by my side along this journey and offering me the blueprint to reach this long-awaited goal. I now not only consider Hadi and Joana as mentors, but also as friends and will definitely keep in touch with them.

A.D – Business Analyst, A.T. Kearney

After graduating from AUB, I had no clear vision as to my first career step. Joanna helped me understand what Management Consulting truly consisted of and got me excited. Having worked in Management Consulting, knowing Deloitte inside out, and having been actively involved in growing the firm, Joanna supported me through the entire application process: from enhancing and customizing my resume to, developing a tailored cover letter, to preparing for interviews. Thanks to her, I got in. 

Joanna’s support didn’t stop here – she remained my mentor while she was still at the firm. Today, although she has left the firm, I continuously seek career advice from her. 

Thank you for your continuous support!

Tania, R – Consultant, Deloitte & Touche

Hadi helped me get into management consulting over more than three consecutive months. I eventually got two offers and I accepted one of them with a tier-one consulting company in its Dubai-base.

I have joined back in January 2018! I am still in touch with Hadi and I think that I will stay in touch with him.

It was very helpful because a professional tells you what you need to hear. Advice is not subjective. It is based on market data and company insights. When you fail a case, you are being told what you did well and what you can improve. What I liked most about my experience, is that I was given answers or solutions that I used, those have particularly made me succeed. It is truly effective!

Nadim, J - Management Consultant

From developing a game plan to building the perfect resume, introducing me to the right people, advising me on which firms to target, preparing for interviews as well as finalizing the offers, Joanna was always there to provide great guidance, mentorship, and support.

I cannot stress the importance of preparing with Joanna, a seasoned consultant, as opposed to colleagues. She has been in both seats, the interviewee and the interviewer. Consequently, the advice she is able to give comes from years of experience and seeing what works vs. what does not.

Through the months of job search and preparation, Joanna became not only a mentor, but a trusted friend. Thank you!

James, K – Financial Analyst